Excited to Announce Our Summer Camp Schedule!

Kick Off the Summer Soccer Development

July 22nd - 26th 

Ages 6-10

Multi-dimensional thought and non-traditional forms of athleticism-rhythm, coordination, originality, vision and creativity.  

Shooting Mechanics & Goalkeeper Camp

July 29th - Aug 2nd

Ages 10-13 

The idea is to make it realistic so that habit of shooting on net and scoring translates to the game. This is for the player who passes instead of shoots in front of goal. 

Intro to Speed & Strength

Aug 5th - 9th

Ages 7-11

Teaching our younger athletes body awareness and athleticism by going over the basics of strength and speed development through balance and stability drills, age-appropriate strength exercises and running mechanics. 

Position Specific

Aug 12th - 16th 

Ages 8-12

Tactical awareness is the ability to know ones roles and have positional awareness on the field along with possessing the ability to make great decisions. 

Advanced Speed & Strength

Aug 19th - 23rd 

Ages 11-14

Development of proper running form, speed, quickness, change of direction capabilities and technical skills. Along with mastering total body strength and power. 

Pre-Season Soccer Development

Aug 26th - 30th 

Ages 8-12

Includes: Fitness with the ball, deconstruction of moves and tricks, tactical awareness, scrimmaging and confidence building. 

Summer Camp Schedule!

Each Camp will run Monday - Friday from 9:00 am - 12:00 pm!

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